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By ordering the books below through our website, you can support the authors, your local independent bookstores, and CounterCorp at the same time.


Your order will be processed through the American Booksellers Assocation's "IndieBound" program, which locates the books at your local, independent bookstore.


The profits are shared by the authors, the bookstores, and CounterCorp to help us fund the Film Festival and our other projects and programs.


To find out more about of any of the books below and to order copies, click on the cover icons to be taken to each book's page on the IndieBound website:


The Corporate Mugging
of America
(as told by an
ex-Wall Street insider)

End of the Line
The Rise and Coming Fall
of the Global Corporation

The Rise of Corporate
Dominance, and the
Theft of Human Rights

Gangs of America
The Rise of Corporate Power
and Disabling of Democracy

How big corporate money buys
elections, subverts legislation,
and betrays our democracy

The Audacity of GreedFree
Markets, Corporate Thieves,
and the Looting of America

Global Capitalism and
the Death of Democracy

By Noreena Hertz

The Corporation
The Pathological Pursuit
of Profit and Power

Corporate Predators
and the Destruction
of Our Democracy

Why Corporations
Rule Our World

By Wade Rowland

Corporate Business
and Capitalist Classes

by John Scott

Constructing Corporate
History, Politics,
and Culture

Corporations Are
Gonna Get Your Mama

By Kevin Danaher

Corporate Predators
The Hunt for Mega-Profits
and the Attack on Democracy

Fat Cats and Running Dogs
The Enron Stage of Capitalism
By Vijay Prasad

Corporate Culture


How the Drive for Quarterly
Earnings Corrupted Wall Street
and Corporate America

Looting America
"[A] vivid picture of per-
vasive corporate fraud"

How Big Business
Fails America

by Paul H. Weaver

From Predators to Icons
Exposing the Myth
of the Business Hero

Rise of the Rogue Executive
How Good Companies Go Bad
and How to Stop the Destruction

Tales of CEOs Gone Wild
"[T]he ultimate untold busi-
ness story of our time"



How the World Became
a Corporation and How
We Can Take It Back

How Corporations Are
Taking Over Our Lives and
What We Can Do About It

No Logo: Taking Aim
at the Brand Bullies

by Naomi Klein

Death of a Thousand Cuts
Corporate Campaigns and the
Attack on the Corporation

Life After Capitalism
"[V]iable ways to work toward a
healthy, sustainable economy"

The End of Shareholder Value
Corporations at the Crossroads
By Allan A. Kennedy

Finance Industry


Infectious Greed How
Deceit and Risk Corrupted
the Financial Markets

It Takes A Pillage
Behind the Bonuses, Bail-
outs, and Backroom Deals

Oil Industry


The World's Most Power-
ful Industry — and What
We Must Do to Stop It

Sound Truth and Corporate
The Legacy of the Exxon
Valdez Oil Spill
by Riki Ott

Free Expression


Censorship, INC.
The Corporate Threat to Free
Speech in the United States

The Corporate Takeover
of Public Expression

by Herbert I. Schiller



WalMart: The Bully of Bentonville
How the High Cost of Everyday
Low Prices is Hurting America

University, Inc.
The Corporate Corruption
of Higher Education

Big Business, Local
Springs, and the Battle Over
America's Drinking Water

Deceit and Denial
The Deadly Politics
of Industrial Pollution

How the Food Industry
Undermines Our Health
and How to Fight Back

How America Lost Its Mind
and Money in the Internet
By John Cassidy

Disney and the
End of Innocence

By Henry A. Giroux

Disney: The Mouse Betrayed
Greed, Corruption,
 and Children at Risk

Cult of the Mouse Can We
Stop Corporate Greed from
Killing Innovation in America?

Corporate History


Confessions of an
Economic Hit Man

NY Times best-seller!

How Ida Tarbell Brought
Down John D. Rockefeller
and Standard Oil

Nazi Nexus: America's
Corporate Connections
to Hitler's Holocaust

Wheels of Fortune
The History of Speculation
from Scandal to Respectability

The Strategic Alliance Between
Nazi Germany and America's
Most Powerful Corporation

Hell's Cartel
IG Farben and the Making
of Hitler's War Machine

Real-World Economics


The Death of Economics
"A vigorous, informed, and
thoughtful critique"

Is The American Dream
Killing You?
How "The
Market" Rules Our Lives

The Role of the State
in a Capitalist Economy

by Mark A. Martinez

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