Click to download a high-resolution copy of "Bound by Law?" The comic book Bound by Law? Tales from the Public Domain addresses current issues of copyright, fair use, and so-called "intellectual property" (IP) in terms of the difficulties of using copyrighted material in documentary films, and is particularly relevant to CounterCorp because we screen a lot of documentaries that use such content to analyze and discuss issues of human rights, social justice, and public policy.


The steady co-opting by corporations and IP lawyers of the notion and legal norms of copyrights — convincing the public and media that copyright confers absolute control over any and all uses of a creative work, and is intended first and foremost to maximize the copyright holder's profits — amounts to one of the most brazen daylight robberies in modern history.



The video below is a brief summary of a new China Labor Watch report on working conditions in the Chinese factories that produce Apple's hugely profitable electronic devices:




Food Mythbuster's short video debunks corporate agriculture's self-serving propaganda that only industrial farming can produce enough food to feed the world:





Annie Leonard's "The Story of Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission (FEC)":




Educating for Justice's "Behind the Swoosh"