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Corporate Crime Blotter

Apr 23: Update: fined record $2.5 BILLION for rigging , must fire 7 of 29 workers involved, blocked probe
Apr 23: DOJ charges , 2nd largest retail lender in U.S., for improperly underwriting from 2007-2011
Apr 23: Indian communities sue / for financing destructive -fired power plant (via )
Apr 23: faces $1.6 BILLION fine for rigging + probe for currency manipulation & violating U.S. sanctions
Apr 22: Arkansas fines $5 MILLION for 5,000-barrel 2013 oil spill — or about half a day’s profits
Apr 21: CA lawsuit says falsely claims targets enzyme found only in plants, but it’s also in intestines
Apr 21: UK arrests high-frequency trader at U.S. behest for manipulating futures market, sparking 2010
Apr 20: fines Advisors $12 million for failing to eliminate/disclose portfolio manager’s conflict of interest
Apr 20: by anonymously owned companies may be up to 25% of government spending: $2+ TRILLION
Apr 17: Dutch prosecutors launch criminal investigation into ban violations as service continues (via )