Corporate Crime Blotter

Aug 19: fines a record $410 MILLION for in manipulating electricity markets in California, mid-West
Aug 18: UK investigation of / as 'corporate suspect' in phone hacking & bribery "threatens licenses, company"
Aug 15: With 5-year statute of limitations, no senior Wall Street execs will face civil suits for 2007 / 2008
Aug 15: Feds fine $750K for not paying bumped fliers for 2nd time since 2009, lets it use $425K of fine to buy tablets
Aug 5: pleads "no contest" to 6 misdemeanors for 2012 oil fire, fined $2 million and put on 3.5-year probation
Aug 5: Two factories in China, and , accused of releasing heavy metals into rivers, polluting farms
Aug 3: sued for skimping on safety in 2012 oil fire, while paying 3 execs $52 million; 15th toxic release since '89
Jul 30: 2nd biggest to pay $491 million for Wyeth's illegally promoting drug for unapproved / dangerous uses
Jul 29: Despite code of conduct, new report details 86 violations of standards at 3 of its 8 factories in China
Jul 11: Federal judge: broke laws by conspiring w/ major book publishers to raise e-book prices by 20-40%