Corporate Crime Blotter

Aug 3: sued for skimping on safety in 2012 oil fire, while paying 3 execs $52 million; 15th toxic release since '89
Jul 30: 2nd biggest to pay $491 million for Wyeth's illegally promoting drug for unapproved / dangerous uses
Jul 29: Despite code of conduct, new report details 86 violations of standards at 3 of its 8 factories in China
Jul 11: Federal judge: broke laws by conspiring w/ major book publishers to raise e-book prices by 20-40%
Jun 20: Spain, France, and other EU countries threaten to fine more than $2 million for breaking EU laws
Jun 14: Lawsuit seeks class-action status and millions of $ for company's fraudulent copyright claim on Happy Birthday song
Jun 13: U.S. saddens by withdrawing lawsuit for 2009 announcement hoax
Jun 9: 5 years after U.S. fined Swiss bank $780 million for abetting , French investigating it again
Jun 3: investigating claims that front-group is defrauding public about products
May 29: pleads guilty, fined $82 MILLION for illegally dumping hazardous waste in 16 Calif. counties from 2003-2005