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Corporate Crime Blotter

Apr 28: Eco groups ask SEC to review 's regulatory filings on oil spill response, lawsuit against lease
Apr 27: and 2 execs charged w/ 3 felony counts of willfully violating worker safety rules in 2012 oven DEATH
Apr 27: appeals ruling that selling false info violates Fair Credit Reporting Act
Apr 25: fined $2.7 MILLION for disposing of from 480 stores in California at local
Apr 24: ’s winning defense against lawsuit for over-hyping its stock: Everyone should know that some reviews are bogus
Apr 23: Judge sweeps aside multiple claims to allow passengers to sue for against
Apr 23: U.S. Supreme Court allows California lawsuits against energy companies for manipulating natural gas prices
Apr 23: Update: fined record $2.5 BILLION for rigging , must fire 7 of 29 workers involved, blocked probe
Apr 23: DOJ charges , 2nd largest retail lender in U.S., for improperly underwriting from 2007-2011
Apr 23: Indian communities sue / for financing destructive -fired power plant (via )