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Corporate Crime Blotter

Mar 20: RT : T-Mobile Illegally Restricted Employees' Right To Discuss Workplace Issues, Join Unions
Mar 20: After 6 years and $2+ MILLION, puts $7,000 fine for employee KILLED on 2008 “behind it”
Mar 19: to pay $40 MILLION for after 18 lawyers & assistants didn’t read court documents
Mar 19: : More than 50% of the audits of firms reveal theft & other serious violations of securities laws
Mar 17: Chair & 3 tobacco advisory board members quit/removed after judge rules conflicts of interest violate ethics law
Mar 17: French prosecutor seeks to charge ’s Swiss branch w/ encouraging , after it rejects $1.5 BILLION fine
Mar 16: German fined ~$1.5 BILLION, fires workers for for Iran and Sudan corps., fraud
Mar 12: 10 French dairy companies fined $205 MILLION for fixing prices on milk products from 2006-2012. gets a pass.
Mar 11: N. Carolina fines a record $25 MILLION for contaminating groundwater w/ coal ash, doesn’t require cleanup
Mar 11: Federal Trade Commission charges w/ deceptive advertising over the cost of its satellite television service: