Corporate Crime Blotter

Oct 21: It’s been ~20 years since the pursued a big case against a U.S. company: the last one was
Oct 21: With 2 of the most permissive corporate legal codes in the world, Delaware & Wyoming may abet global crime &
Oct 17: Italy charges 4 senior UK executives for roles in that deprived Nigeria of $1.1 BILLION
Oct 6: Finance firm behind ’s statue to pay $5 MILLION to 300+ female execs for unequal pay to men
Oct 1: Corporate contractors broke rules for transporting highly dangerous at least 25 times in the past 5 years
Oct 1: lawsuit: disabled video app on older iPhones to force users to upgrade to newer models
Sep 13: uberjerk 's bail revoked for $5,000 offer for Hilary Clinton's hair, will await sentence from prison
Sep 12: Lawsuit: violating , failing to protect facilities / Providence from risks of
Sep 12: Rather than meet federal MPG standards, Jaguar / Land Rover & Daimler / Mercedes have paid fines as cost of business
Sep 6: "To boost its sales, took patients who didn't have cancer and made it look like they did"