Corporate Crime Blotter

Jul 13: " agreements are increasingly used to divert not people, but corporations from criminal charges"
Jun 18: in talks with major U.S. film studios to resolve charges of against female directors
Jun 16: Ex-director of Swiss bank pled guilty to for $25+ MILLION in FIFA bribes from 2010-2015
Jun 15: : made unauthorized changes to customers' that extended them by decades
May 25: Federal judge fines nearly $247 MILLION for illegally shipping large volumes of untaxed cigarettes in NY State
May 24: “ has been illegally taking sales tax & an injured-worker surcharge out of driver pay” for 3-5 years
May 22: Lawsuit accuses & of stealing patented ideas for phone-based payment system after meeting with inventor
May 18: German high court rules broke competition laws, but refers case to European court to see if it followed EU law
May 18: Watch: cartoon about man's withdrawal from his addiction to Coca Cola - Boin
May 18: EU fines $122 MILLION for lying to regulators about potential data merger in 2014 acquisition