Corporate Crime Blotter

May 18: Watch: cartoon about man's withdrawal from his addiction to Coca Cola - Boin
May 18: EU fines $122 MILLION for lying to regulators about potential data merger in 2014 acquisition
May 15: 800+ cancer patients suing for failing to warn consumers about the risk of cancer associated with
May 12: Potentially delayed probes: , / / , , and
May 12: Comey firing follows dismissal of 50% of federal prosecutors, stalling investigations & prosecutions
Apr 23: At previous start-up, CEO illegally invested taxes withheld from employee paychecks, instead of sending to IRS
Apr 21: U.S. fines $2.8 BILLION for guilty plea to criminal conspiracy & obstruction in tests
Apr 20: Defense teams for " bro" and lawyer plan to blame each other for scheme
Apr 19: Spy-phones lawsuit: $350 headphones use companion app to track what users listen to and sell info to marketers
Apr 18: AZ fines $200,000 for , $4.65 MILLION reimbursement to 175,000+ customers from 2013-2016