Corporate Crime Blotter

Nov 29: CA pension fund on board-driven internal probe: "Independence of many members may be compromised"
Nov 28: CA regulator fines employee-benefits startup $3.5 MILLION for cheating on sales-agent licensing
Nov 25: invoking clause to stop over unauthorized customer-account sales .
Nov 25: UK Serious Fraud Office investigation of and expanded to include allegations of in Iraq
Nov 24: Ex-chair, CEO & 10 more execs of China's convicted of , document & .
Nov 24: International Organization: 20+% African children work against their will in quarries, farms & mines
Nov 24: Jury: deliberately failed to pay hundreds of CA truckdrivers from 2005-2015, owes $54+ MILLION
Nov 21: "U.S. real-estate brokerage 's Israeli franchise sells or has sold homes in [illegal West Bank] settlements"
Nov 19: settles 2012 lawsuit by for illegally using tribe's name on panties, flask & other products
Nov 18: settles 3 lawsuits involving 6,000+ students for $25 MILLION, fined ~$1 million by NY State