Corporate Crime Blotter

Dec 16: Philippine commission to probe whether is violating citizens' by adding to .
Dec 16: European Commission asking what did with $5 BILLION low-interest loan for R&D on lower- engines
Dec 16: German prosecutors investigating whether helped rig software to "game" tests
Dec 15: Latest form of corporate abuse: real-estate shell companies that give wealthy elite more legal & financial
Dec 12: 30 years after gas leak KILLED 7,000-10,000 in , victims still seek justice & fair compensation
Dec 11: Judge expands CA by ~160,000 drivers and allows car mileage & phone data reimbursement since 2009
Dec 11: ~500 lawsuits against to be consolidated and tried in San Francisco — not Detroit, as and DoJ wanted
Dec 11: 42 California government entities sue , , , and for "over-charging" them by $100 MILLION
Dec 11: U.S. fines $70 MILLION for failing to give early-warning report data as req'd by 2000 TREAD Act
Dec 11: : U.S. has stricter standard, so to sell more we had to rig software to evade it