Corporate Crime Blotter

Feb 10: contesting $500,000+ in CA fines, refuses to fully cooperate in investigation of 2015 chemical near-miss
Feb 10: CA lawmakers: “ confidentiality policy appears to violate employee rights under National Labor Relations Act"
Feb 9: Ex- engineer: "We had no records of the testing of the pipeline, or even if we'd made a weld"
Feb 8: -, , & paying $124 MILLION for 2003–2008 conspiracy to inflate CD / DVD drive prices
Feb 2: Consumer Bureau fines $3.5 MILLION for to real estate brokers for 2011-2016 referrals
Feb 1: Canadian federal police charged with $50 MILLION & $100 MILLION in Libya from 2001-2011
Jan 31: Missouri’s largest peach producer sues for $1+ MILLION loss enabled by release of -resistant seeds
Jan 31: fined $624 MILLION by UK, $169 MILLION by U.S. and $25 MILLION by Brazil for in 12 countries
Jan 31: "Why are , , & disturbing norms in the upper echelons of U.S. business?"
Jan 25: Since Puzder became CEO, & have had more discrimination suits than any other big U.S. burger chain