Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 25: & "stop sale" orders to dealers are voluntary & don't apply to used 's. All will be subject to recall.
Jan 24: manager ignored 2011 engine department about "open secret" since 2006
Jan 21: RT: could pay $24 BILLION in fines for millions of illegal calls via
Jan 21: French government probing , & after new tests find some cars emit far more than allowed
Jan 21: S. Korea Environment Ministry rejects unacceptably vague recall plan, filing criminal charges against local exec
Jan 20: Impunity, Inc: Justice Dept prosecuted 82% of criminal referrals of individuals, but only 12% of corporate referrals
Jan 19: Four American men with "" and beards sue after pilot refuses to fly plane with them on it
Jan 19: : , , , , , others not doing basic checks to suss from .
Jan 16: 2 U.S. dealers sue for trying to bribe them as part of elaborate scheme to falsify total monthly sales
Jan 15: At 12.5% tax rate (not current 1.8%), owes Europe $8 BILLION in backtaxes on $64 BILLION in 2004-2012 profits