Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 1: UK tax agency can publicly "name & shame" professionals who aid criminal + fine up to 100% of tax evaded
Dec 29: SEC probing , and Russia's in 2013 sale of Mozambique gov't bonds to buy military gear
Dec 29: In 2015 paid China $70+ MILLION in from 2013 (plus ~$9 million in late fees) for misreporting its revenue, costs & profits
Dec 28: S. Korea agency fines $853 MILLION for abuses — firm under investigation in U.S. and EU
Dec 28: Panama bars Brazilian construction firm from public bidding after U.S. says it paid $59 MILLION in bribes
Dec 28: Ex-Tata CEO files petition to Indian corporate tribunal claiming by owning family, seeks board dismissal
Dec 22: FBI: " had a division dedicated solely to — a full team of people dedicated to criminal conduct"
Dec 21: "Crime was directed at the highest level of the company via , off-book payments & off-shore accounts"
Dec 21: Brazilian firms and admit guilt, fined $3.6 BILLION for in Brazil, Switzerland and U.S.
Dec 20: EC: misled officials on personal data integration during acquisition of , faces $179 MILLION fine