Corporate Crime Blotter

Dec 19: Dutch judges: Domestic courts have authority to decide case against for damage from leaks in
Dec 19: was good at 2 things: & . He was only caught because he's so arrogant & abrasive.
Dec 18: RT : 2015 has been another banner year for corporate crime and misconduct. Read the details here:
Dec 18: Facing up to $6 BILLION fine, donated to and enlisted members of Congress to pressure EU on case
Dec 18: Chinese environmental org sues for health effects due to extra pollution from rigged software
Dec 17: hires lawyer who handled GM ignition deaths, BP oil spill & 9/11 to administer for rigged
Dec 17: FBI arrests for for using drug firm assets in scheme #
Dec 17: Big companies like & already dodging their liability for in "third wave" of .
Dec 16: Watchdog urges CA to fine $163+ MILLION for “intentionally misrepresenting” pipeline over 3+ years
Dec 16: : Unfair or even "unconscionable" clauses in contracts trump CA law