Corporate Crime Blotter

Dec 12: "The tax deals are illegal under European State-Aid Law & Luxembourg didn't report them to EC financial authorities"
Dec 12: Pharmaceuticals fires CEO & CFO amid internal investigation into improper sales practices for drug
Dec 10: exec: Company, under investigation for corruption at , gave $3 million to elect President Temer
Dec 10: Ex- managing director indicted on charges for manipulating mortgage-backed securities prices
Dec 8: CA EPA fines $450,000 for undeclared shredding operations and mishandling — faces inspections
Dec 8: Argentine prosecutor threatens to arrest / jail drivers and managers for unlicensed operations and tax evasion
Dec 8: Singapore to fine 2 banks $5.3+ MILLION for violating regs with fund, bans exec
Dec 8: CA EPA fines Apple $450,000 for operating undeclared shredding ops & mishandling — faces inspections
Dec 7: EU fines , & $520 MILLION for fixing financial-product prices tied to interest rates
Dec 6: Supremes: with friends & relatives is illegal even if leaker doesn't get anything of value in return