Corporate Crime Blotter

Nov 17: DoJ fines $264 MILLION for of Chinese officials by giving jobs to their friends & relatives
Nov 16: BVI fines Panamanian law firm a paltry $440,000 for 8 breaches of financial & laws
Nov 15: DoJ case against Anthem- : Greater market power is illegal no matter what actual effects are
Nov 14: Judge issues to keep working on long-overdue computer system for Rhode Island DMV
Nov 12: Brazil files complaint against U.S. over duties on that Washington said got from government
Nov 12: Federal grand jury indicts ex-CFO of UK software firm Autonomy for related to $10 BILLION acquisition by HP
Nov 10: "Opponents of the U.S. say the market for renewable credits (RINs) is susceptible to "
Nov 9: maker reveals it is the target of 2 pricing-related probes by SEC & DOJ and had its premises searched
Nov 9: IL 19th U.S. state to sue for breaking environmental laws by rigging & e#missions systems
Nov 5: Arrest of Hexagon CEO for is latest Swedish corp scandal after bribery, & misuse of funds