Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 16: 2 U.S. dealers sue for trying to bribe them as part of elaborate scheme to falsify total monthly sales
Jan 15: At 12.5% tax rate (not current 1.8%), owes Europe $8 BILLION in backtaxes on $64 BILLION in 2004-2012 profits
Jan 15: Supreme Court rejects , & appeal to dismiss suit for complicity in child labor
Jan 15: CA : in contempt & fined $7.6 MILLION after judge rules firm failed to provide state with operations data
Dec 21: "Govt should focus on changing and promoting the , not specific rules"
Dec 21: UK ad watchdog probing company selling OTC as in 4 distinct "formulas" for nearly double price
Dec 19: Dutch judges: Domestic courts have authority to decide case against for damage from leaks in
Dec 19: was good at 2 things: & . He was only caught because he's so arrogant & abrasive.
Dec 18: RT : 2015 has been another banner year for corporate crime and misconduct. Read the details here:
Dec 18: Facing up to $6 BILLION fine, donated to and enlisted members of Congress to pressure EU on case