Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 9: S. Korean court jails local exec for 18 months for falsifying and noise levels to import cars
Jan 9: FBI arrests exec for and for hiding software from U.S. regulators
Jan 9: FTC sues for not protecting its routers, web-cameras, or security data from , leaving users at risk
Jan 7: South Korean court jails ex-head of for 7 years for disinfectant DEATHS & permanent lung damage
Jan 3: Liquidators of UK retail chain investigating whether directors breached legal duties in property transactions
Jan 3: "Under UK corporate law, a company's board of directors has a duty not to sell assets under [fair market] value"
Jan 1: UK to make not preventing a crime — hold corporations liable if people acting on their behalf aid effort
Jan 1: UK tax agency can publicly "name & shame" professionals who aid criminal + fine up to 100% of tax evaded
Dec 29: SEC probing , and Russia's in 2013 sale of Mozambique gov't bonds to buy military gear
Dec 29: In 2015 paid China $70+ MILLION in from 2013 (plus ~$9 million in late fees) for misreporting its revenue, costs & profits