Corporate Crime Blotter

Dec 10: Federal judge cut max fine govt can get from for 2010 explosion that KILLED 8 from $1.1 billion to $562 MILLION
Dec 7: Japanese fines record $60 MILLION for inflating profits by $1.3 BILLION over 7 years
Dec 5: New UK rules to curtail corporate taxdodging only cover firms above $875 MILLION, maximum fine a "laughable" $35,000
Dec 5: EPA moves to revoke approval of (mix of & 2,4-D) after lies on synergy effect
Dec 5: fired after revealing pushed own — clients say complaints are company
Dec 4: Suspended 30-year senior / engineer resigns in wake of rigged software scandal
Dec 3: Ex- CEO convicted of conspiring to violate regs after 29 killed in 2010
Dec 3: German regulators rule rigged software illegal, as ~50 employees come forward under company amnesty
Dec 3: Brazilian court orders to pay compensation to family of activist KILLED during anti- protest in 2007
Dec 2: Indian government orders to recall 323,700 , & to fix rigged systems