Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 24: "UK factory workers making garments for top fashion brands are being paid less than half the legal " 👕
Jan 23: SEC investigating why took 3+ years to disclose August 2013 that compromised personal info in 1+ BILLION user accounts
Jan 23: CFPB sues biggest U.S. management company for "shortcuts, deception, and cheating" of students
Jan 22: Dept sues for pay discrimination against women, blacks & Asians + favoring Asians for technical roles
Jan 20: Judge sides with Montana ranchers against $1-a-cow federal tax to fund campaign to promote meat consumption
Jan 19: Judge: clause unenforceable — buried in unrelated contract & other "unconscionable" provisions
Jan 19: : OneWest mis-handled loans, lacked staff and training, violated federal regs; faces $100 MILLION fine
Jan 19: CA AG memo: broke notice & waiting-period laws, illegally backdated documents & gamed auctions
Jan 19: U.S. fines $55 MILLION for charging 53,000+ minorities MILLION$ in higher rates and fees from 2006-09
Jan 19: German investigation ends exclusivity deal between & that had 90% marketshare