Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 18: Electric may face trial for illegal overtime (including 160+ hours in 1 month) and false reports in 2014
Jan 17: 2 lawsuits over of 100,000+ 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee & Ram 1500 trucks
Jan 16: Anti- activists sue undercover operative who spent four years infiltrating global health-campaign network
Jan 12: U.S. indicts 6 ex- execs for 10-year conspiracy to defraud U.S. & violate Clean Air Act in diesel scandal
Jan 12: pleads guilty to defrauding U.S., violating pollution laws, and obstructing justice — fined $4.3 BILLION
Jan 12: EPA & CA air board: didn't disclose emission-raising software on 100,000 2014-16 diesel trucks & SUVs
Jan 11: Woman sues for $2.2 BILLION for using her photo in marketing materials despite her refusal to sign release
Jan 10: South Korean govt to question scion & vice chairman about of jailed advisor to embattled president
Jan 10: UK law firm has 10,000 plaintiffs in suit against for , covers 1.2 million cars
Jan 10: ME AG: "Our air, H2O, natural resources & health of our people are more important than a corporation's bottom line"