Corporate Crime Blotter

Apr 13: Law profs: should release data in lawsuit over "rampant" and dangerous in African fields
Apr 12: to pay $53 million to settle for not honoring warranty on / it said had H20 damage
Apr 8: Feds, CA regulators cite 10-year "willful disregard of internal safety policies" for Aug. 2012 refinery fire
Apr 4: Database companies face class-action lawsuits for secret, inaccurate blacklists of employees accused of theft
Mar 29: Sr. manager for Capital Advisors, one of the largest U.S. , charged in $1.4+ million
Mar 6: EU fines $732 MILLION for failing to abide by deal to offer Windows users a choice of browsers
Mar 6: Non-profit/environmental groups file FEC complaint accusing of illegal $2.5 million donation to "super PAC"
Feb 26: Consumers sue for fraud after former employees reveal it secretly adds water to , ,
Feb 23: Coast Guard alerted DOJ to 16 "serious safety and environmental violations" on rig off
Feb 22: Chinese company that makes parts for accused of poisoning nearby river weekly for past two years