Corporate Crime Blotter

Jan 3: fined $1.4 BILLION, pleads guilty to single misdemeanor violation of Clean Water Act in 2010 Gulf oil spill
Dec 30: Florida circuit court finds in "civil contempt" for bank president's failure to appear at hearing
Dec 26: paid $48.8 million in 2010 for not reporting stuck gas pedals, now paying $17.4 million for same thing in 2012
Dec 20: bank fined $1.5 BILLION, two charged for "pervasive" & "epic" interest-rate manipulation on 100s of TRILLIONS of $
Dec 16: New evidence at Feb. 2013 trial will show that hid the size of the 2010 Gulf oil disaster from government & public
Dec 14: Low-level operative is only one to spend time in jail for impersonating boardmembers, journalists in spying scandal
Dec 11: Latest / biggest case: U.S. fines UK's bank more than $2 billion — but files no criminal charges
Dec 11: bank pays $327 million for hiding IDs of money-launderers w/ "approval of senior corporate managers"
Nov 28: EPA temporarily bans from government contracts for "lack of business integrity" in Gulf oil drilling deaths & spill
Nov 26: UK banking regulator gives Swiss bank a $50-million "slap on wrist" for culture that led to $2.3 BILLON loss