Corporate Crime Blotter

May 19: It's Day: Put lead in gas @ , killing workers & poisoning himself + millions
May 17: : factories in China still not complying w/ company's own 60-hr/week limit or Chinese law
May 13: national lab loses $2.7 million wrongful termination suit for 1st lay-offs led by partner
May 10: Calif. sues for "abuse of judicial process", "serious misconduct" in 100,000+ lawsuits
May 7: NY AG suing & for "persistent noncompliance" & "flagrant violation" of mortgage settlement
May 7: U.S. fined defense giant $4 million for "hundreds" of "recurring" violations of arms export laws over years
May 2: Death toll from Bangladeshi clothing collapse climbs above 400 as Pope condemns &
Apr 14: Chile court orders , world's largest goldminer, to stop work amid regional environmental & financial protests
Apr 13: Law profs: should release data in lawsuit over "rampant" and dangerous in African fields
Apr 12: to pay $53 million to settle for not honoring warranty on / it said had H20 damage