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Corporate Crime Blotter

Sep 25: to pay total of $82 million, CEO and execs plead guilty in 13-year to hide $1.7 BILLION loss
Sep 25: After paying $50 million for in 2006, Swiss company will now pay $27 million to SEC and DOJ for
Sep 21: to pay $4.2 million to settle suit that it lied about testing Iraqi communications system
Sep 21: Dissenting judge describes $9.5 million payment in lawsuit as worthless to users "while enriching wrongdoers"
Sep 19: , which paid $1.62 BILLION for violating in 2000 & 2003, to pay $16.5 million for doing it in 2007
Sep 18: fined $12.5 million for violating Federal laws, falsifying documents, mislabeling poisons
Sep 18: fines $5 million for giving big/rapid traders faster access to market data since 2008; investigating
Sep 18: After fining , , and Charted for , U.S. investigating ,
Sep 16: pays $590 million in lawsuit, raises liability for sub-prime mortgage CDOs to $1.35 BILLION
Sep 13: faces FERC subpoena seeking e-mails showing manipulation of energy markets in California and the Midwest