Corporate Crime Blotter

Oct 24: U.S. sues for up to $3 BILLION for "spectacularly brazen" , but brings no criminal charges
Oct 18: ACLU suing for "reverse redlining": pushing high-interest, high-profit loans on minority homeowners
Oct 17: to pay $2.43 BILLION in largest-ever shareholder lawsuit, for hiding losses in acquisition
Oct 17: U.S. homeowners file class-action lawsuit against 12 major international banks for rigging mortgage benchmark
Oct 16: factory in China admits it had compulsory(?) "interns" as young as 14 working on assembly lines
Oct 14: EPA investigating for evading pollution-monitoring at refinery and gases into air against court order
Oct 9: Canadian man sues for violating his right to by mining the contents of e-mails he sends to Gmail users
Oct 3: After Supremes say is too big to sue, women in SE U.S. follow California and Texas in suing for discrimination
Oct 2: As Supreme Court hears v case on corporate murder, Shell blocks 70,000+ employees from info websites
Oct 2: NY AG sues for "systemic" by subsidiary , which led to 2008 financial collapse