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Corporate Crime Blotter

Feb 22: Chinese company that makes parts for accused of poisoning nearby river weekly for past two years
Feb 19: In the absence of even a single trial, financial settlements of banks' crimes amount to
Feb 11: Australian parliamentary committee subpoenas , , and to justify 60 percent higher prices there
Feb 5: U.S. suing &P for “knowingly, and with intent to defraud" investors, giving junk high ratings
Jan 31: , world's biggest food corp., found guilty of hiring security firm to spy on anti-corporate group in 2003
Jan 28: After $22 million U.S. fine for evading Apple settings, faces new UK lawsuit for "electronic stalking"
Jan 24: Check-bouncers file lawsuits against sleazy that impersonate local district attorneys
Jan 23: Lawsuit against shows industry-wide practice of selling & "shorting" junk CDOs based on junk mortgages
Jan 18: Despite 2010 DOJ settlement for "no poaching" deals that saved them millions, big tech firms face possible
Jan 13: pays $5.28 million for employees' role in torturing prisoners at prison in Iraq