Corporate Crime Blotter

Dec 11: Latest / biggest case: U.S. fines UK's bank more than $2 billion — but files no criminal charges
Dec 11: bank pays $327 million for hiding IDs of money-launderers w/ "approval of senior corporate managers"
Nov 28: EPA temporarily bans from government contracts for "lack of business integrity" in Gulf oil drilling deaths & spill
Nov 26: UK banking regulator gives Swiss bank a $50-million "slap on wrist" for culture that led to $2.3 BILLON loss
Nov 25: Federal appeals court allows California transportation worker to sue for six-year exposure to toxic pesticide
Nov 23: gets 6-month ban for "factual misrepresentations" in investigation of $73 MILLION energy-market manipulation
Nov 23: NY Attorney General sues bank for lying to investors who lost $11.2 BILLION on mortgage-backed securities
Nov 23: Calif. court rejects tactic of dodging environmental and zoning laws by funding initiatives to get 15% of vote
Nov 20: RT: Feds, Calif. sue for illegal anti-poaching deal with Intuit by former CEO — and current CEO —
Nov 20: Former senior executives at indicted for bribing UK officials for information as recently as Jan. 2012