Corporate Crime Blotter

Nov 15: BP to plead guilty to criminal charges & pay $4.5 BILLION for Gulf oil spill, execs face manslaughter & perjury charges
Nov 14: 's pizza chain faces $250 million class-action lawsuit for sending messages to customers' cellphones
Nov 14: Rights groups say provincial authorities in China used as clandestine "black jails" to detain dissidents
Nov 13: After 20-month investigation of web search abuses, U.S. demands either alter its practices or face lawsuit
Nov 10: Canadian Supreme Court unanimously revokes patent from , for "gaming system" by hiding active ingredient
Nov 9: EU to fine big tech firms — e.g., , , , and — up to $5 BILLION for 10-year
Nov 9: World's 2nd largest bank, serial offender , helped thousands in UK launder and evade taxes on more than $1 BILLION
Nov 8: FCC fines &T $700,000 and requires reimbursement of pre-pay customers for "state and switch" to new data plans
Nov 8: Argentine court freezes assets at request of Ecuadoran plaintiffs seeking $19 BILLION payment for eco-damages
Nov 5: Criminal charges likely in U.S. probe of for , and could owe much more than $1.5 BILLION in fines